A Day at the Botanical Gardens

Portoviejo is a lovely provincial capital. It is a city of spectacular parks. Chief among them is the Jardín Botánico on Avenida Urbina y Che Guevara. The Universidad Técnica de Manabí operates and maintains it. Admission is free.

Chantal and I visited for the first time, yesterday, to attend a small organic farm and artisan food market. We picked up a few very-fine-looking vegetables at not-very-attractive prices. But the preserved aubergine and craft spices were a bargoon, so we loaded up on those. I can’t wait to try the coffee rub on my next grilled skirt steak.

Later, we strolled the gardens. It’s not an expansive facility, but the grounds are lovingly manicured and I caught the most amazing shot of a stationary buzzy thing.

There were few people at Jardín Botánico on a Saturday morning. Those who were tended to themselves. It’s a nice spot for solitude.