Whale Watching at San Mateo

Every year, from June to October, humpback whales migrate more than seven thousand kilometres from Antarctica to breed off the shores of Machalilla National Park. We can watch them breaching from our rooftop terrace.

Yesterday (31 August 2019), Chantal and I took a three-hour whale watching tour from San Mateo, a port town ten minutes south of Manta. Our host was none other than Mark Bradbury, expat entertainment director (self-appointed) of Manabí Province.

Mark is always putting together neat little events like these. I prefer to explore on my own, but Chantal seems to enjoy his excursions. So off we went with a herd of fellow Canadians, a handful of Americans, and some locals.

We were out for only a few minutes when we came across a cow patiently teaching her clearly-inexperienced calf how to swim. Neither breached, unfortunately. But we did see a lot of flipper waving and tail slapping. And we had one final up-close-and-personal experience that made quite an impression.

These animals are more beautiful in person than you can possibly imagine.